First day

We woke up at 4:30am. We took the train from Gare du Nord to London St Pancras. And we visited London. We went to the Sky Garden to see the beautiful panoramic view of London and then in the evening we travelled to Sittingbourne to meet our host families.

Day two: Canterbury

We did a guided tour of the cathedral of Canterbury (one of the oldest cathedrals in England). Then, we stayed in the town center of Canterbury until midday.
In the afternoon we went to the campus the University of the Kent (20,000 student) has in the hills. It’s one of the biggest campuses I’ve seen in my life. We visited it and met our partners from the School of Engineering and after that, we went back to our families.

Day three: Rochester/ Chatham

In the morning we left to Rochester to visit the cathedral, the castle and other places of interest in the town centre.

And in the afternoon we took the bus to Chatham and we visited the historic dockyard. We greatly enjoyed getting on board HM Submarine Ocelot, the last Royal Navy warship built at Chatham dockyard.

We also made a rope in the Ropery. Finally we visited 2 warships and the museum.

A morning in Rochester

Last day : London

For our last day, we moved to London to visit the Houses of the Parliament. We were stunned by the magnificence of the place. Some of the highlights included the hammer-beamed Westminster Hall, St Stephen's, the Central Lobby, the Royal Gallery, the Robing Room, the Lords' chamber and the House of Commons. We still had time to explore London further in small groups in the afternoon. We went to Chinatown, M&M’s shop and to Hyde Park to chill out.

That was a great trip

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